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Once & For All

(Without Restriction, Overwhelm, 
& Rock-Solid Willpower) 

If you have been chasing health and weight loss goals for longer than you care to admit...

...then you probably already know what you should be doing to get you there.

You don’t need another “expert” to tell you what to do.

You already have a bookshelf (or Kindle account) full of diet and health improvement books.

You know what foods make you healthier and feel great in your body (and ones that taste good in the moment but take you away from your health goals).

You have dabbled enough in exercise to know the basics of a fitness plan.

The knowing is not the problem. It's the doing!

And you think that if only you had more willpower, all your health dreams would finally come true!

It’s not your fault!

You’ve been taught an outdated and ineffective game plan to health and weight loss. And trying harder at something that is not working does not make it work!

What if you implemented a completely new game plan, one that allows you to...

  • Follow Through on your Health Commitments!

    You have the capability to reach your health goals, but it must be unlocked using specific behavior change techniques. And when capability meets commitment, follow-through is guaranteed.

  • Make Healthy Choices With Ease!

    Imagine having the world around you set up to make healthy behavior so automatic that rarely will you have to fight cravings, temptations, or “white knuckle” your way through another day.

  • Feel Energetic and Confident in Your Body, Regardless the Size!

    Imagine waking up feeling rested and physically ready for whatever the day holds, showing compassion to that reflection in the mirror, and not even giving one thought to that bathroom scale (if you even own one anymore), because that number no longer defines your health or self-worth.

  • Enjoy the Journey to a Healthier You!

    Yes…it is possible. Imagine feeling inspired and enthusiastic as you go after your health goals, instead of the usual feelings of restriction and doubt. After all, you’d like to be happy today, not just when you arrive at your health goals, am I right?

  • Create Lasting Results and Lifelong Habits!

    Imagine the day when you are simply living your healthiest life. You naturally practice healthy behavior without having to talk yourself into it, track it, or wish you were doing something else. It’s just who you are and how you live!

  • Leave a Legacy of Health!

    Family and friends can’t help but be inspired by your healthy lifestyle and start to follow your lead, changing the trajectory of health habits for generations to come.

I Want These In My Life!

“You can try the latest diet on the market. You can read every book on the topic. But until you form the underlying habits for success, you will not make lasting progress.

Because of Lisa’s robust program, I now have clarity on what drives my daily behavior and am making consistent healthy choices
~ Mike H.

Even though the motivation to create your absolute healthiest life is clear, the path to doing it successfully is anything but.

This may sound familiar…


In moments of great determination, you make your health resolution!

You write your health and weight loss goals on the calendar, pick a diet to follow, download a food tracking app, buy some new walking shoes (maybe even join the gym or hire a trainer), clean out your fridge, buy the veggies, print some new meal plans and recipes, and all the rest.

Monday morning arrives. Day 1! You are highly motivated and well prepared. The time is now! Failure is not an option!

And things go really well…

…until they don’t. It could be hours, days, weeks, or in rare cases, a few months. But something happens to take you off course.

Maybe that stressful meeting with your boss, an unexpected family issue, a vacation, a birthday celebration, a bad night’s sleep, a fight with your spouse, or just the smell of a “forbidden” food.

And you go “off plan”.

Confidence, motivation, and commitment take a huge hit. You quickly forget all the healthy behavior and focus on this one slip. And then this sneaky part of your brain says, “Since we slipped up already, might as well keep it going. We can always start again another time.”

Old familiar unhealthy habits (that you’ve been fighting so hard to break) come rushing back. Your health resolution becomes a distant (yet nagging) memory.

Until…something sparks that determination again, and the cycle continues…

Here is why this is so crippling

With each failed attempt, you blame yourself and your seemingly lack of willpower. And the more this happens, you lose confidence in your ability to ever get healthier.

You see your behavior as either “good” (being on plan) or “bad” (being off plan). And you assign the same label to yourself.

With each cycle, you get closer to throwing in the towel all together, telling yourself that you aren’t cut out for this. Maybe your health goals are just not achievable and you should be content with feeling mediocre (although you don’t really believe this, but it’s just so hard).

And most crippling of all, with each cycle, your brain actually wires itself to set you up for failure next time. It remembers this sequence of events, thoughts, feelings, and actions and will default to this same pattern in the future.

Without learning a new game plan that breaks away from traditional diet and weight loss plans, you are destined to repeat this crushing cycle.

I am Done With This Cycle!

The 4 pitfalls to diet and weight loss plans that set you up for failure.

Pitfall #1

The focus is weight loss!

First off… how inspirational is the scale? I don’t know many people who wake up each day feeling inspired by an electronic square in their bathroom. 

Secondly…there is often emotion and behavior attached to the number on the scale. If it reads what you hope, you're on top of the world! If not, you may give up. Or worse, restrict and punish even more to get that darn scale to move.

Finally…weight in and of itself is not necessarily a measure of health. Less than half of adults in America who are at a “healthy weight” are actually metabolically healthy (disease resistant).

By learning a well-developed, science-backed method for goal setting beyond the scale, you will speed up your path to success!

Pitfall #2

Too many changes all at once!

Diet and weight loss plans have an underlying “all-in” philosophy. You are on plan, or not. It’s pass or fail, and passing means a perfect score with ALL THE THINGS. Overhaul your diet, buy new foods, prepare new recipes, track/count your food, exercise, get more steps, drink more water, eliminate (fill in the blank), get 8 hours of sleep, get rid of stress. All on Day 1!

Traditional plans ask you to RUN toward the finish line full-on. This is just overwhelming, exhausting, and not sustainable.

Research indicates that you have less than 5% chance of success if you try to implement three or more new behaviors at a time.

But your chances of success climb to 85% if you go after one behavior at a time! That begs a few questions: which behaviors to focus on and in what order?

By learning how to craft impactful behavior goals AND prioritize them using one powerful question, you will crush overwhelm and build unstoppable momentum!

Pitfall #3

Success requires strong willpower!

A diet and weight loss plan gives you “the rules” to follow, and you are expected to use discipline and willpower to follow them.

But here’s what we know about willpower: it’s an exhaustible resource. Each morning, we get a new “bucket” of willpower. As the day goes on, we use it up (thus why healthy choices are often easier earlier in the day and start to crumble as the day goes on).

So, willpower is not a reliable tool to help you “stick to the plan”.

When you fill your “behavior toolbox” with the right tools for your health journey AND know how and when to use them, you will make willpower nearly obsolete.

Pitfall #4

You have a map without knowing how to drive!

Let’s say you’d like to take a road trip across country. You put the destination in your GPS and are given several routes to get there. You choose one (usually the one promising the quickest route) and you click “GO”. The GPS starts to tell you exactly what to do next, but it doesn’t tell you anything about how to drive.

The same is true for diet and weight loss plans. Your health goal is the destination, and the industry gives you MANY maps showing how to get there.

But if you lack the skills to drive behavior, the maps do you little good. The journey is doomed to fail (or at best be slow and difficult) before you even leave the driveway!

You don’t need another map. Instead, you must master driving.

Learning how to drive consistent healthy behavior is the only way to reach your health destination. 

Yes please!


The diet and weight loss industry is worth $66 billion and growing, yet obesity rates are at an all time high. Clearly, something is amiss!

Are you beginning to see that it’s not your fault? You have been taught an ineffective method.

But with your permission, I’d love to teach you a proven method to lasting health.

Marie H.

“I’ve worked with a health coach in the past, but there was no framework. I love having a coaching framework that is intentional and guides the process.”

Dan S.

"With this program, and Lisa's coaching, I've turned health hopes into health plans. This program is the antidote to the New Year's Resolution Ruin!"

Christi W.

“This program is so relieving, in that I realized my failed attempts weren’t about me and my lack of willpower. I have the right tools now!

Master Your Habits ~ Transform Your Health

Health Habit Mastery is the ONLY course and coaching of its kind that not only teaches you exactly how to drive consistent behavior, but how to create the optimal map to your personal health destination!


In this course along with coaching, you will...

Define the DESTINATION: Write meaningful health goals (beyond the scale) that inspire behavior.

It's okay to have a weight loss goal, but the science of behavior change tells us it won't drive consistent behavior. By learning a science-backed method for goal setting, you will set your sights on a destination that actually will speed up your path to success!

Write the MAP: Identify AND prioritize specific behavior goals that build momentum.

The only way to reach your health goals is to behave your way there, consistently, until each behavior becomes a habit. What makes all the difference is which behaviors you choose and in what order. Crafting this personal health roadmap correctly will build tremendous confidence and momentum and ensure you never feel lost on the journey.

Prepare for the JOURNEY: Identify and leverage behavior tools (beyond willpower) that support consistency.

Your behavior is influenced by biological, physical, and mental factors (and much more). When you learn to leverage these powerful tools to support your health goals, you won't have to rely on your unreliable willpower to keep driving.

Skillfully DRIVE: Practice the behavior that creates and sustains lasting health.

Picking a destination, getting a map, and prepping for the trip won't get you anywhere if you don't skillfully drive. By learning how to drive behavior, one mile at at time, no matter what each mile holds, you will reach your health destination!

If you're ready to stop chasing your goals and start living your healthiest life...

Here's how we'll get you there: 

Motivation and Vision: WHAT You are After and WHY That's Important

The journey to your healthiest self starts with the end in mind, but not by simply setting weight loss goals as perhaps in the past. You will define your Health Vision beyond the numbers. After all, you want to BE MORE, not just weigh less! What is life like when you are living your healthiest, and why is this so important to you?

This motivation and vision will give purpose and inspiration to your journey.

Module Highlights:

  • Identify both your personal external and deeper internal motivators
  • Discover the difference between a goal and a vision, and why it matters to your success
  • Create your inspirational Health Vision
  • Leverage the power of Visibility by creating your MVP card that will be a game-changer for your health journey

Behavior Goals: HOW You Will Get There 

If you have a clear understanding of where you are headed (your Health Vision), the next obvious question is how do you get there? You can’t just hope, wish, or dream your way there, you must behave your way there. In this module, you will start to build your personal “roadmap” to reach your Vision with clear, non-overwhelming behavior goals.

No cookie-cutter plan here. You are the expert in you! Not me, any diet book, or social media health influencer. This is all about you getting clear about what health behaviors make sense for you and your unique life circumstances, with my guidance of course!

Module Highlights:

  • Take a deep dive into current habits and determine what to keep, improve, reduce, or ditch
  • Identify future habits that you know the “healthiest version of you” will practice
  • Discover how to write approach vs. avoid goals to ensure that your health journey will be inspirational and, dare I say, enjoyable…instead of restrictive and frustrating
  • Expertly write behavior goals that hit the sweet-spot of challenging yet attainable

“After coaching with Lisa, I’m no longer overwhelmed. I have a new respect for myself and my health goals, and have a manageable plan that I’m now finally capable of implementing.

~ Jenny W.

Mental Influences: Master Your THOUGHTS

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right.” This famous quote is absolutely true when it comes to your health goals. Your outcomes start with your thoughts. In this module, you will learn how to recognize these thoughts and most importantly how to take control of them and align them with your Health Vision. Past clients have agreed that this module contains some of the most powerful and practical exercises in the course!

Your thoughts lead to behaviors. Your behaviors lead to habits. Your habits become your destiny.

Module Highlights:

  • Meet the Warrior; your fierce ally on your health journey
  • Learn why many of us suffer from “warrior weakness” and discover how to awaken and engage yours
  • Meet the Negotiator; your scheming challenger that tries to sabotage your efforts
  • Learn exactly how to recognize, diffuse, and turn around negotiator thoughts

Biological Influences: Work WITH YOUR BODY 

I often say that when willpower and biology go to war, biology wins 99.9% of the time. All the willpower in the world will not help in making wise healthy choices if your hormones aren’t sending the right signals. The good news is that you can change the signals. In this module, you will learn how to care for your biology in simple ways, making healthy choices feel more natural and less of a struggle, and making willpower nearly obsolete.

Healthy hormone regulation is top priority for mastering habits and for long-term health and weight management!

Module Highlights:

  • Understand how hormones impact behavior and weight management
  • Learn the basics of Insulin, Cortisol, Ghrelin, Leptin, Melatonin, and a few other “biggies” that have a direct impact on your behavior (and your long-term health)
  • Discover why chronic STRESS undermines your best intentions and how to tackle it using the EAT strategy (instead of stress eating)
  • Discover why and how to leverage one of the most powerful tools to mastering habits: SLEEP
  • Understand how FOOD and macronutrients impact your hormones, and in turn your behavior, in one of the most comprehensive lessons in the entire course. (Trust me, you will look at food very differently after this lesson, not to mention be a label-reading pro!)
I'm ready!

"I have tried numerous “quick fix” weight loss programs. After the first week of coaching with Lisa, I realized that this program had what all the others were missing."

~ Jennifer M.

Physical Influences: ORGANIZE YOUR WORLD

The physical world around you has a tremendous influence on your behavior and daily choices. In this module, you will discover how environmental triggers, social situations, and the people you spend your time with either support or undermine your very best intentions.

Health habit mastery requires that you create an environment and social circle that supports your Health Vision and encourages healthy behavior.

Module Highlights:

  • Identify specific behavior triggers in your home and community (beyond just the food in your kitchen)
  • Learn exactly how to direct and leverage the people in your life to better support your habits (without hurting their feelings or making them change their habits)
  • Discover how an accountability partner can increase your chances of success by 95%, but only if they have specific qualities
  • Realize how social media influences your habits and learn how to use it to your advantage while avoiding the negative traps that can quickly take you off-course
  • Identify “high-risk” social situations (such as vacations, holidays, visit from the in-laws) that trigger behavior that undermines your health goals, based on past experience
  • Expertly create a behavioral plan for these situations that both honors the event and your health goals (it doesn’t have to be either/or, and it definitely doesn’t require restriction!)

Behavior Toolbox: Sharpen Discipline Tools BEYOND WILLPOWER

Self-discipline is not a natural strength for most of us. Our bodies and minds seek comfort and will default to feeling good now, often at the sacrifice of feeling good later. This is troublesome when it comes to habit mastery. In this module, you’ll discover how to build a “behavior toolbox” to make desired behavior more comfortable and encourage self-discipline.

Bottom line, you have many tools at your disposal beyond willpower to master habits.

Module Highlights:

  • Write behavior cues that will incite action (plus a bonus strategy that almost guarantees consistent practice of new behaviors)
  • Discover how planning and preparation creates energy and momentum for the journey
  • Learn and consider a “quick-win” morning routine to set intention each day
  • Learn and consider a 4-step process to simplify food planning each week (this is one of the most popular tools in the course)
  • Write an inspirational catch-phrase to use in moments of temptation
  • Discover and consider consistency tools such as streak tracking, rewards, and accountability appointments
  • Learn the 3-step “Kick-But” technique to remove excuses from your life and instead create powerful solutions to any behavior barriers
  • Learn both mental and physical techniques to overcome food cravings (and find the root cause of these cravings so they stop showing up!)
  • Walk through the comprehensive 6-Step Behavior Recovery Process to course-correct when your health journey takes a detour (which is a normal part of the process and, when handled correctly, can be a catalyst to future success)

"This health coaching program is intentional and lays the ground work necessary to see both short-term and long-term results. I have developed a healthier mindset and habits that benefit me every day."

~ Kenna N.

Result Goals: Define Health BEYOND THE SCALE

In Module 1, you started with the end in mind by creating a Health Vision, a picture of where you are headed. Your health objective.

Along with this Health Vision, the overall objective must also include measurable health goals (what I call Result Goals). After all, I’d be remiss as a health coach if we didn’t discuss important health markers that prove that you are indeed healthy. This module is all about that, plus exercise recommendations for overall health.

Your Health Vision + Result Goals = Your Complete Health Objective

Module Highlights:

  • Understand important blood markers like blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar, and most importantly which lifestyle factors have a favorable impact
  • Discover and learn how to measure body composition metrics that go beyond vanity and impact disease risk, such as body fat percentage, waist size, and waist to hip ratio
  • Learn why and how to measure resting heart rate
  • Identify if and when hormone testing is in order, which hormones to test for, and how to find the right practitioner to work with
  • Learn how your body actually uses energy (aka burns calories) and why exercise is not a weight loss tool (but why you absolutely should)
  • Use the F.I.T.T. principle to create fitness goals that ensure overall health and longevity
  • Employ practical tips to get started with exercise (even if it’s not your favorite thing)
  • Leverage a powerful movement strategy that is more effective for overall health and weight regulation than a daily vigorous exercise session
  • Identify inspirational goals beyond just the numbers of health (think bucket list items that would be possible if you were living your healthiest life)

Your Personal Health Roadmap: Your step-by-step HEALTH HABIT MASTERY plan

Successfully mastering your health habits requires a plan, but not just any plan. It must be a personal plan that is unique to your health goals, insights, experiences, and life circumstances. This module is all about organizing all of the hard work and insights from the entire course into an actionable, prioritized, systematic, and inspirational plan to reach and enjoy your Health Vision once and for all. You will also nail down your accountability plan; a critical component to success!

With the right map, and support for the journey, the destination is just ahead!

Module Highlights:

  • Perform a complete course review and reflection that will serve as the foundation to your roadmap development
  • Discover why and how to “think big” but “act small”; the power of incremental progress
  • Confidently and expertly create your roadmap using the roadmap template and following my guidance, with a comprehensive 8-step map creation process (believe me…I will hold your hand throughout this process)
  • Learn the one important question to ask when prioritizing your habit goals that will ensure progress and build confidence (my clients tell me this one question is a game-changer for keeping them moving forward)
  • Discover the magic of momentum and accountability and how to build each

Beyond the Content...

  • COACHING: Depending on which coaching option you choose, you get either private or group coaching with Coach Lisa, a certified behavior change specialist and health coach. This is where the content comes to life and you get the guidance you need to keep moving forward with complete clarity and confidence.
  • GROUP COACHING ONLY: COMMUNITY: Access to a private Health Habit Mastery Facebook Group. Enjoy community, inspiration, and accountability in a group of like-minded heath seekers. Plus, you'll get added coaching between live sessions from Coach Lisa.

How to Work with Coach Lisa...

Private Coaching

10 weeks; 1 hour per week

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Group Coaching

12 weeks; video lessons plus group coaching each week

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Frequently Asked Questions

What others have asked before saying “HECK YES” to Health Habit Mastery

How to Work with Coach Lisa...

Private Coaching

10 weeks; 1 hour per week

Set up free consult to learn more!

Chat with Lisa

Group Coaching

12 weeks; video lessons plus group coaching each week

New class starting soon!

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Health Habit Mastery is PERFECT for you if…

  • You want energy, vitality, and a ‘feel-awesome body’, once and for all.
  • You have big plans and dreams that require you to show up in a healthier state.
  • You are more than ready to put in the work, as long as it’s the right work for lasting results.
  • You recognize that there is no perfect time, and continuing to put your health on the back burner is not the answer.
  • Even though you’ve been close, you are not ready to throw in the towel and settle for “good-enough”.
  • You are smart and experienced enough to know that traditional weight-loss plans don’t work long-term, but are unsure what else to do.
  • You desire lasting transformation, not just more information.

If any of these statements resonate with you, then you owe it to your future healthiest self to join me inside Health Habit Mastery!

How to Work with Coach Lisa...

Private Coaching

10 weeks; 1 hour per week

Set up free consult to learn more!

Chat with Lisa

Group Coaching

12 weeks; video lessons plus group coaching each week

New class starting soon!

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A Note From Coach Lisa...

About 10 years ago, I was at my skinniest. I was also more unhealthy than ever before.

For decades, I dabbled in exercise and various diets as a means to an end (the end usually being a goal weight). The problem was, once the “end” arrived (if it ever did), old habits returned, along with extra pounds and feelings of guilt and disappointment.

I thought I kicked this “on-again/off-again” cycle when, in my mid-30’s, I found running. This led to a love of all things fitness and I eventually became a certified personal trainer. During this time, I also followed the traditional low calorie/low fat diet advice. You can imagine that this way of eating, combined with my intense exercise led to significant weight loss.

And to the outside world, (and at the time, to me) that was success!

But here was the problem…I was always tired, sore, moody, restless, foggy, anxious, and hungry (battling with carb and sugar cravings every day, especially at night). I felt exhausted, old, and hangry. And even worse, I was unknowingly damaging key hormones (which has taken years to repair).


I was far from healthy, despite what the scale said.

I had been working towards the wrong goal, for the wrong reasons, building the wrong habits according to the wrong game plan all along. And I was concerned that I was leading my personal training clients down this broken road with me.

I couldn’t do this to myself or my clients any longer!

So, I went back to school to get the credentials needed to serve my clients and myself, beyond the quest for the perfect body. I became a certified Health Coach and Behavior Change Specialist, opening my eyes to health beyond the conventional diet and fitness industry.

Most importantly, I learned the science behind how to master habits for lasting health and healthy weight management.

And Health Habit Mastery was born.

I now have a thriving Health Coaching practice helping clients pursue true health in a way that builds them up to be MORE, not breaks them down to simply weigh less.

(By the way, I first applied my coaching framework to myself, and am now healthier than ever before!)

And I personally cannot wait to coach you to the healthiest version of YOU!

I Want to Be the Healthiest Version of Me!